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Zero Waste Store

Zero Waste Liquid Refills

Reducing plastic waste is not only important to our business but also us personally. We've partnered with Miniml to offer eco-friendly refillable household cleaning and personal care products  in store to help you reduce your household plastic waste. 

Miniml's plant-based formulas are paraben and sulphate free, manufactured in the UK and vegan-friendly. Their closed loop supply chain means nothing is ever wasted and once empty, they collect our jerry cans and refill them over and over again.


1. Bring your own containers or buy one of our reusable bottles

2. Weigh your containers at the till

3. Refill and pay - easy peasy!


Eco Refillable Cleaning Products

Our Current Price List

Hand Soap (Cucumber & Aloe Vera) - £0.70 per 100g

Body Wash & Bubble Bath (Nourishing Coconut) - £0.75 per 100g

Hair Shampoo (Pink Grapefruit & Aloe Vera) - £0.80 per 100g

Hair Conditioner (Pink Grapefruit & Aloe Vera) - £0.68 per 100g

Hand & Body Lotion (French Vanilla & Shea Butter) - £1.05 per 100g

Non-bio Laundry Liquid (Fresh Linen) - £0.42 per 100g

Fabric Conditioner (Topical Coconut) - £0.32 per 100g

Washing Up Liquid (Wild Rhubarb & Lemon) - £0.28 per 100g

Anti-Bac Surface Cleaner (French Lavender) - £0.36 per 100g

Toilet Cleaner (Spearmint & Peppermint) - £0.33 per 100g

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