Using a blend of: Coco Coir, Perlite, Bark, Sand, Activated Charcoal, Worm Castings


The marrying of activated charcoal and sand in this slightly denser mix provides excellent drainage whilst being detoxifying for the resilient yet troublesome roots of our beloved Ficus. The sizable bark content in the blend also serves to suit those Ficus species that are semi-epiphytic growers, as well as contributing to a little extra moisture retention to this sandy mix.


But don’t use this blend just for Ficus alone, though we name with a genus in mind there are plenty of other plants that will adore this blend as it is or with minor alteration. Some of the plants that will adore this next include Rubber Plants, Peperomia, Bonsai, Citrus Plant, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Palm, Avocado Plants and even Hibiscus.

Soil.Ninja Premium Ficus Soil Blend

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