Welcome to the jungle!

Hi, I'm Amy and I love plants! What more can I say?

Little Pot Houseplants was born out of my love for plants and a shock redundancy (thanks to the recent pandemic!) And here I am! I've literally turned my spare bedroom into a jungle and my passion for plants into a business.

I'm excited to bring quality, unique and beautiful houseplants to your door via our local plant delivery service in the Northwest!

Not only do plants make our interiors look fabulous but they also offer so many mental and physical well-being benefits. From boosting your mood and productivity to cleaning the air and reducing fatigue, plants are much more than something nice to look at. I'm so excited to help you create your own oasis at home - see you at the door!


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Did we also mention that

we love the planet?

That's right! Looking after the planet is really important to us so all of our plants come in recyclable, plastic-free packaging (apart from the plant pot of course!) We highly encourage you to recycle your pots or we'd be happy to take them back off you. You can drop us a message and we will arrange a pick-up.

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